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Equipment required for VFR flight by 14 CFR ¶91.205.


Use the acronym ATOMATOFLAMES:
Required Equipment (VFR day)
1Aairspeed indicator
4Ttachometerfor each engine
5Ooil pressure gaugefor each engine using pressure system
3Mmagnetic compass indicator
6Ttemperature gaugefor each engine
7Ooil temperature gaugefor each air-cooled engine
9Ffuel gaugeindicating quantity
10Llanding gear position indicatorif applicable
11Aanticollision light system
8Mmanifold pressure gaugefor each altitude engine
15Eemergency locator transmitter
13Ssafety beltsfor each occupant 2 years and older
14shoulder harness or restraintfor each front seat
12-pyrotechnic signaling deviceoperated for hire over water


Use the acronym FLAPS:
Required Equipment (VFR night)
1all the day requirements
6Ffusesspare set
4Llanding light
3Aanticollision light system
2Pposition lights
5Ssource of electricityalternator or generator

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