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Equipment required for VFR flight by 14 CFR ¶91.205.


Use the acronym ATOMATOFLAMES:
Required Equipment (VFR day)
1Aairspeed indicator
4Ttachometerfor each engine
5Ooil pressure gaugefor each engine using pressure system
8Mmanifold pressure gaugefor each altitude engine
6Ttemperature gaugefor each engine
7Ooil temperature gaugefor each air-cooled engine
9Ffuel gaugeindicating quantity
10Llanding gear position indicatorif applicable
11Aanticollision light system
3Mmagnetic compass indicator
15Eemergency locator transmitter
13Ssafety beltsfor each occupant 2 years and older
14shoulder harness or restraintfor each front seat
  • flotation gear (readily available to each occupant)
  • pyrotechnic signaling device
  • operated for hire over water
  • beyond power-off gliding distance from shore


Use the acronym FLAPS:
Required Equipment (VFR night)
1all the day requirements
6Ffusesspare set
4Llanding light
3Aanticollision light system
2Pposition lights
5Ssource of electricityalternator or generator

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