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Inspections required to operate an aircraft.


Use the acronym AAV1ATE:

Required Aircraft Inspections
Inspectionfrequency14 CFRwhatnotes
A airworthiness directives one-off; and recurring
A annual 12 calendar months ¶91.409a 14 CFR ¶43 Appx D
V VOR 30 days ¶91.171 IFR; see AIM 1-1-4
1 100-hour 100 hours ¶91.409b 14 CFR ¶43 Appx D when operated for hire or instruction
A altimeter/pitot-static system 24 calendar months ¶91.411 14 CFR ¶43 Appx E
T transponder 24 calendar months ¶91.413 14 CFR ¶43 Appx F
E ELT 12 calendar months ¶91.207d
  • after 50% of useful life; or
  • 1 hour of cumulative use
¶91.207c when batteries need to be replaced;
independent of the inspection

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