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Aircraft Lighting Systems

I have been mightily confused by the different names of the aircraft lighting systems; and the conditions under which they should be used. Here's my attempt making sense of it; the captions pointing to the lights (NAV, BCN, etc.) indicate how the corresponding switches are labled in the Skyhawk:

Cessna 172 Skyhawk Lighting Systems


There aren't many regulations governing lighting. There seems to be no regulation preventing any lighting from being used; but [*] states that * and * may be turned off if *. The following is my interpretation of a rough approximation of how these systems could be used:

Aircraft Lighting Systems: Conditions for Use
beaconwhenever engine is in operation
navigation lightsat night [2]
strobeon runway and in flight [1]
landing lightson runway and in traffic pattern [2]
taxi lightswhile in motion on the surface
[1] AOPA Runway Safety course has the strobes ON: - at night, during taxi, UNLESS there are other aircraft nearby [2] AOPA Runway Safety course has ALL lights ON: - at night, while on a runway (crossing, lined up, or taking off)


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