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Under construction! The goal is to build this out into a learning tool for mentally visualizing proper approaches into standard traffic patterns.


Click the “Randomize” button to generate a new random scenario. As of now, it is set up that you will be placed 2 nm from an uncontrolled airfield. Your magnetic heading (e.g. 123) and the runway identifier (e.g. 13) are given, and the traffic direction (currently always “left”).

The objective is to:

Currently, two approach path strategies are always displayed: the goldenrod path shows the ‘direct-to-the-45’ strategy; the teal path shows the ‘cross-the-runway-to-enter-the-45’ strategy. I need to verify whether/which of these is actually correct and display only that one.

The drawing is to scale; each grid rectangle is 1 nm2.


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