Regulations pertinent to student pilots include Title 14 CFR Parts 61 and 91. Here some particularly important sections are reviewed related to private pilot single-engine airplane classification.

Note The cited CFRs are edited.


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Eligibility (§61)

Student Pilot (§61.83)

Pilot (§61.103)

Certificates (§61)

Pilots (§61.3)

Inspection (§61.3l)

“present any certificate, authorization, or license required for inspection upon a request from the Administrator, NTSB representative, or law enforcement officer”


Review (§61.56)

Consists of 1 hour of flight and 1 hour of ground training. Must be performed once every 24 months.

Endorsements (§61)

Before knowledge test:

Before solo flight: (§61.87)

Before solo night flight: (§61.87)

Before solo cross-country flight:

Before solo in class B: (§61.95)

Before practical test (§61.103f)

Practical Test (§61)

Prerequisites (§61.39a)

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