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Traffic Pattern Procedure

The diagram shows qualitatively and quantitatively (for the Skyhawk) how to fly closed traffic. A good reference to flying traffic patterns is Advisory Circular AC 90-66A.

Cessna 172 Skyhawk Traffic Pattern

Radio Procedure for Uncontrolled Airfields

The AIM says to make all the following calls, but one reference I read suggests it is too much of a good thing, especially on a busy day. It might be good idea to follow the AIM until your instructor suggests otherwise.

The ‘GUMPS’ checklist is variously defined, and not all items are applicable to any particular aircraft:

Radio Procedure for Controlled Airfields

Ask Ground for a generic departure:

When ready, call Tower and ask for ‘pattern work’

Follow normal controlled airfield radio procedure. Each way through the pattern, at some point Tower will clear you for the ‘option’.

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