Ben Hekster
PO Box 391852, Mountain View, CA 94039-1852, USA

Fourteen years professional software engineering experience. Master's Degree in Electronic Engineering. Ability to learn rapidly, excellent analytical, design, and object-oriented skills. Outstanding communication skills and very effective in customer interaction. Fluent Dutch, English, and Hebrew speaker, varying degrees of German, Portuguese, Russian, and Arabic.

Seeking permanent position in the areas of team leadership, architecture/design, and development; in C, C++, Java, SQL, Unix, Win32, MacOS or cross-platform development, software localization, and growth opportunities. References available upon request.

Canadian, Dutch, and United States citizenships.


Programming languages: C++, C, Java (Swing), Object Pascal, BASIC, PostScript, APL
Scripting languages:
Assembly languages: PowerPC, 68000/030, M68851, M88100, Z80
Operating systems: Unix (POSIX, Linux, Solaris), Win32 (COM, ActiveX, DirectShow), MacOS (QuickTime, Open Transport), TRSDOS
Protocols: TCP/IP (Open Transport, WinSock, sockets), Universal Serial Bus (USB),
Technologies: Veritas (VCS, VSF), CORBA (MICO), XML, SGML, Unicode, X Window
Development environments: Sun Studio, gcc/bash, Visual C++, CodeWarrior, MPW, MacsBug
Data bases: MySQL, SQL Server (Transact-SQL), Oracle (OCI, PL/SQL)
Documentation: Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator, FrameMaker


May '05 - September '08

SS8 Networks, Milpitas, CA

Principal Software Engineer responsible for development of electronic surveillance and lawful interception of communications (wiretap) products. Served as project architect and team lead in the development of a three-tier network management system for these products, using a MySQL cluster architecture. Oversaw the off-shore outsourcing of development.

Contributed significantly to the implementation of this system, writing the front end based on Java Swing (JFC) and parts of the C++ tiers.

Developed multiple High Availability (HA) solutions using Veritas Cluster Server and Veritas Storage Foundation, with SAS storage arryas.

Assumed system adminstration tasks, including Solaris 10 JumpStart and Sun Studio 11 installation, OpenGrok Apache/Tomcat, and Solaris 9/10 deployment. Deployed Subversion source code management system. Developed extensive Acrobat documentation using Structured FrameMaker and Illustrator.

October '03 - September '04

CaseCentral, San Francisco, CA

Software Engineering Manager responsible for the design and very closely involved with the implementation of a Linux/C++ Windows/Visual Basic document base normalization service, involving text and metadata extraction, document dedupliation, and data warehousing to SQL Server and MySQL data bases. Led a small and focused team of developers to a successful high-reliability and high-performance cross-platform and distributed service using CORBA and ActiveX, capable of processing 1 TB of documents per day. Designed, installed, and maintained a Linux computing infrastructure (NIS/NFS), bug tracking system (Bugzilla), and intranet.

October '01 - June '02

Minds and Technologies, Palo Alto, CA

Software Engineer for Internet Explorer browser bar ActiveX controls on Win32, capable of streaming capture and playback of audio and video to and from remote servers. Produced a small-footprint, low-latency, and responsive multithreaded client on Win32, using WinSock and DirectShow.

Februrary '01 - March '01

XDegrees, Mountain View, CA

Contractor for MacOS port of peer-to-peer file sharing client, in the process developing a POSIX abstraction layer.

August '00 - December '00, San Carlos, CA

Contractor for implementation of sparc/x86 Solaris/Linux C++ client-side e-commerce solution, using Web browser and console user interfaces.

March '00 - April '00

Contractor for design of cross-platform client-side e-commerce solutions.

February '00 - March '00

iHello, Sunnyvale, CA

Contractor for development of real-time speech signal processing application, cross-platform Win32/MacOS C++.

February '98 - December '99 (Release Software), San Carlos, CA

Project Manager for deployment of Release Software and Preview Systems Electronic Software Distribution technologies, coordinating engineering, production, sales/marketing, and quality assurance departments.

Engineering Manager for SalesAgent, MacOS/Win32 Electronic Software Distribution and trial software.

Senior Software Engineer, development of internal production tools under MacOS C++. Development of MacOS-based FTP server and Unix-based ‘vending machine’. Managed and implemented cross-platform localization of MacOS and Win32 C++ software in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese.

March '97 - December '97

BackWeb Technologies, Ramat Gan, Israel

Senior Software Engineer, development of the Java (Swing) version of the BackWeb Internet ‘push’ client. Design and cross-platform implementation (MacOS, Solaris, and Java) of the BackWeb Interapplication Communication Protocol. Development of Macintosh-based content development and scripting tools.

January '97 - March '97

Kinetica Internetting Solutions Ltd., Herzeliya, Israel

Consultant, development of an Oracle data base and Web site. Analysis and preparation of proposals for Internet projects.

January '94 - January '97

Odyssey Interactive Multimedia, Herzeliya, Israel
Plastronics Ltd., Ramat Hasharon, Israel

Project lead for multimedia titles under Macromedia Director.

Internet engineer and project lead of children's educational Web site for IBM's multimedia group (Linux, Perl), as well as system administration functions (Linux) and maintenance of company's intranet services.

Software Engineer, development of the Macintosh versions of Beethoven and Tchaikovsky multimedia titles, including localization of multilingual versions in English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian. Development of multimedia authoring tools.

Professional interests.

Operating systems, computer languages and compilers, networks, human factors, and computer graphics. Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers' (IEEE) Computer Society and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).


current Constructed and host various Web sites (including and )
1999-2005 Developing a 100,000-line C++ application framework for cross-platform (MacOS, MacOS X, Win32, linux, Solaris) application development.
2005, 2000 Port of GNU Linux/Solaris/embedded cross-compilers and linkers to MacOS CodeWarrior graphical integrated development environment.
2003 USB driver for Logitech QuickCam Web camera for MacOS.
2003 Web-published a solutions manual for the group theory textbook Abstract Algebra.
2003, 1997 AppleTalk Filing Protocol File System (afpfs), network file system kernel module for mounting AppleShare volumes on Linux.
1993 UpToDate, a file synchronization utility, in the process also translating a localized Portuguese version.
1990 Cher, an AppleShare file server for pre-System 7 Macintoshes.

Other interests.

General aviation, linguistics, pure mathematics. Member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA).



San Mateo College, CA

Standard Arabic II, III.


UC Berkeley Extension, CA

Russian I, II, III; Portuguese I, II, III.

August '96 - August '97

Tel Aviv University, Israel

Hebrew language 3-5 (gimel-hey); Enrolled in Master's degree program in Pure Mathematics.

November '92 - November '93

University of Twente, Netherlands

Enrolled in PhD degree program in Computer Science; research in compiler techniques for advanced programming languages.

August '86 - August '92

University of Twente, Netherlands

Master's degree (cum laude) in Electronic Engineering, minor in Computer Science and additional Pure Mathematics components. Grade point average 8.1 (>95th percentile). Thesis in reflective object-based compiler architecture, design of a pure reflective object-oriented language, Grunt-92, and the implementation of its compiler/interpreter.

June '90 - January '91

Apple Computer, Cupertino-- Macintosh System Software department

Internship, development of an Installer script development tool (Object Pascal).

August '89

University of Oulu, Finland

Internship, implementation of a bulletin board and file-exchange system for PC clones (Turbo Pascal).

Extracurricular activities.

Chairman of the student association's Scandinavian Exchange Committee, responsible for organizing student exchanges with universities in Finland and Sweden.


For the VLSI System Design course, collaborated in the design of a 1-bit microprocessor for a massively parallel hypercube topology computer, Qbe*rt.

A project for the Integrated Circuit and Electronics group of the Electronic Engineering department, collaborated in the development of an automatic GUI generator for text-based integrated circuit fabrication process simulators, running on the HP 9000-series.

As part of the Human Factors courses, carried out and experimentally validated research into user-interface design principles as relating to the abovementioned GUI generator.